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Hey Mama,

Does it feel like you blinked and suddenly missed your tiny humans growing up? Do you wish you could freeze every second?

I see you looking at your kids swearing that when they walked out of the room a minute ago they weren't that tall. I see you admiring those long baby lashes that you know won't last and chubby little hands attached to sticky fingers. You hear the words spoken so clearly that just yesterday were babble and your heart swells with pride and sadness. The fleeting moments of childhood are slipping away faster than you could have imagined. I feel your heartache, wishing it would never end. I see you because I am you. I have six kids of my own and have come to realize that it's the little things that I'll cherish.

I don't want you to remember your family grouching at each other before another stressful photoshoot where your kids are demanded to stare at a stranger with a camera, wearing stiff clothing that they can't get dirty. I don't want you to remember tear stained faces and frustration because no-one seems to want to cooperate. I don't want you to see your family photo and remember the silent, angry car ride home that followed your shoot.

Instead, I want to help you capture the giggles, and the hugs and every moment in between. I want you to relish the dirty bare-feet and unencumbered wildness of childhood. Every time you look at your photos you should feel how big your love is. Mama, I know your heart, but our tiny humans don't stay tiny. Let me help you push pause on the moments you wish would last forever.

All My Love,


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"Every time we have a shoot with Katy, I am so amazed with her work. She does Such an amazing job and is so fun to work with. I don't know how she does it, but I always feel so powerful and beautiful when she does our pictures. She is an artist. Let her style your family and you will be blown away by the results."